Horse Stall Manufacturer - Tips for Ordering Horse Stalls

The best stall for your needs will depend on several factors. One of the most important factors to think about before you purchase a stall from a horse stall manufacturer, however, is size. The best stall size will depend on how much time your horse spends outdoors, for example. If your horse is the type that will be spending the majority of his time inside, then you will need a bigger stall for him to be comfortable. On the other hand, if he will be outdoors for significant periods of time, you could purchase or build something smaller. When looking at what your manufacturer offers, be sure to take the horse's habits into consideration.

Some other factors to think about include your horse's personality. If you have a horse that is territorial, he will need to have more space to himself and may not get along with the other horses in close quarters. This may mean that you need to ask your horse stall manufacturer for solid rather than barred, grilled or mesh stall partitions. Naturally, the size of the horse will also dictate the size of the stall that you need to purchase. A 12x12 stall is usually considered adequate for a horse that weighs over 1000 pounds. On the other hand, a miniature horse or pony can be comfortable in a stall that is only 8X10 in size.

If you have a mare and foal, then it can be a good idea to purchase two regular size stalls and put a removable partition in place using receiver channels. Receiver channels allow the lumber partition or grill between two stalls to be removed with ease. In any special circumstances like this, it's recommended to speak to your horse stall manufacturer about what special features can be put into place for your horses. Those who are constructing a new barn might need to think about permits, which will vary from area to area. Be sure to ask about this when you are talking to your manufacturer. Siding options will also vary, with some of the most popular being wood, vinyl, and aluminum models.

After you have determined what size and material you want your horse stall to be, you can think about painting it a particular color, and choose the type of flooring for your horse. Concrete is long lasting and durable, but consider a softer footing for your stalls. You may wish to speak to your horse stall mat company about rubber mats and other types of padding that can be placed on top of the hard surface. These choices allow you to virtually customize your barn or stall.

If you wish to find a company to assist you in building your stalls, check out an inexpensive custom stall manufacturer.

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